Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus

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  • CPU Type: 64 and 32 bits.
  • License: Lifetime for one PC
  • Delivery by e-mail: product key, instructions, download links, invoice.
  • Instant download and installation assistance
    Not compatible with Apple computers, smartphones, tablets or Chromebooks.
Includes taxes and free shipping.


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Microsoft Office 2019 Professional:

Office 2019 incorporates several new features with respect to its predecessor, here are the most outstanding ones:

The general improvements are:

  • New pencil case, pressure sensitivity, tilt effects, ribbon updates for all apps, a new translator and learning tools.

Improvements in Word 2019

  • Improvements in the Text to Speech section.
  • Improvements to inking functionality in Office 2019. Simply create a shape using the ‘pen’ and the tool will draw a matching chart or diagram.
  • Add mentions. Use a mention to tag a person so it’s clear to them what they need to do within the document.

Improvements in Excel 2019

  • New and improved functions such as: TEXT.TOGETHER, IF.CONDITIONS, MAX.IF.CONDITIONS and CHANGE.
  • Completely new charts and diagrams have been added. Use and edition of SVG images and 3D models.
  • Faster access to superscript and subscript, improved autocomplete, and several new themes added.

Included Apps

  • Word 2019 (Text editor)
  • Excel 2019 (Worksheets)
  • Power Point 2019 (Presentations)
  • Outlook 2019 (Email client, calendar, contacts)
  • Access 2019 (Database manager)
  • Publisher 2019 (Create print publications, newsletters, emails, pdf and more)

Minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 10 LTSC 2019, Windows Server 2019 32 or 64 bits.
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz dual-core processor.
  • 2 GB (32bit), 4 GB (64bit) RAM
  • HDD: 4 GB of space available.
  • Screen: 1280 x 768 px (HD)
  • Graphics card : DirectX 9 with WDDM 2.0

You have 24/7 customer support:

The customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you in any matter related to the purchase, installation and warranty of this product.
Contact us through our contact form or by email.

License for

1 PC, 2 PC, 3 PC, 4 PC, 5 PC

86 reviews for Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus

  1. Gafar Sadiq

    Excellent quality and price on the product!

  2. Stefan Medoch

    Had a major problem with my Outlook Calendar and Contacts not importing. Carl jumped online with me and had both fixed in short order. Excellent overall experience-great technician!!!

  3. Patrick Beukert

    Great service. Fast response and always friendly. Definitely coming back.

  4. Heinz Schiedeck

    They shipped my order in 2 minutes, just as the description says. awesome! 🤗🤗

  5. Julian Rossbach

    Quick, easy, reliable.

  6. Kathrin Rottach

    my PC is not the very latest… But with the help of customer service, everything worked out great in the end.

  7. Ella Siebert

    A pleasure doing business with you! what a good service!

  8. Müller

    Very professional, they dedicated all the time to solve my problem, definitely recommended.

  9. Marius Rettler

    Very professional, they dedicated all the time to solve my problem, definitely recommended.

  10. Brückner

    They installed the product for me using a program called TEAMVIEWER and everything went perfectly!

  11. Hanna Völker

    Ran into conflict with computer and my older version of MS Office…Easy to order from Digilicenses and problem solved!

  12. Marcel B.

    I bought the Product from this store and it works perfectly for me!

  13. Klemke

    Recommended 100% thanks

  14. Möllers Hans-Peter

    Just seeing the comments on this page made me curious to see if they are as good as the comments say, I bought a key in less than 3 minutes I received the key, I recommend this site.

  15. Jörg G.

    This product is very guaranteed and reliable!

  16. Ulrich Sigmund

    I have no words to describe the fantastic care I have received. Super friendly . I will continue to buy keys here when I need them. Paul… you’re amazing. Thank you very much. A SITE 10.

  17. MAtthias Klein

    The shop offers many products that are good.

  18. Fabian Stifter

    It is an excellent personalized attention with total advice and at all times. Good prices. highly recommended

  19. Carlos Daniel ORTEGA GARCIA

    I have never felt so good about a product!

  20. Monika P.

    Your service was excellent!!! I have purchased

  21. Roland Saalmann

    The products offered by this shop are guaranteed.

  22. Sommer

    The quality is very good and the installation is very easy! 

  23. Morteza Farahmand

    The product is very useful and easy to install, thank you very much! 

  24. Marion Laube

    I had some complications but they helped me immediately!

  25. saman hama faraj

    The best customer service Ever!

  26. Hans-Jörg Berg

    Very good service, I give them 10/10

  27. Yilmaz Maden

    I ordered a product and it arrived immediately! it was amazing!

  28. Patrick Beeken

    I was afraid this wouldn’t work on my Mac. All fears have been allayed: it works!

  29. Karlheinz Makowiecki

    The product is extremely easy to install.

  30. Peter Storch

    Super reliable when doing the installation through a TEAMVIEWER.

  31. Andreas Schröder

    The product is very easy to install and you don’t need anything more than the download link and the key and that’s it! 

  32. Fritz Datentechnik

    After the order  (Win 1 1 Pro) was placed and payment made, the goods arrived at lightning speed. Has worked perfectly. Many thanks at this point.

  33. anton susen

    100% Guaranteed, very professional! 

  34. Michael Heydenreich

    I had quickly downloaded my software with Digilicenses which was quick and easy, however I had issues with my computer. I contacted Hans on the mail, he then proceeded to log into the computer via team viewer. Ten minutes later he sorted the issue. Great help.

  35. Michael Ellerkamp

    I am amazed at how fast they took care of me!

  36. kent chasteen

    I am amazed at how fast they took care of me!

  37. Rafaela Mentgen

    Highly recommend this product for kids and senior citizen.

  38. Katharina Sager

    I never thought this would work but I am more than happy with my product.

  39. Michael Watson

    Super support, perfect support, nice contact. Keep up the good work, from my point of view you are unbeatable.

  40. Ines Kraus

    I bought this software for my personal laptop and it works the same as when I use my work laptop so I didn’t have to learn anything new. Just what I was trying to accomplish!

  41. Jörg Klingberg

    After some minutes, I got the email with my new office 2019 PP key. Everything worked great.

  42. Hussein Haj Ismail

    I received this program as a gift to practice it during my vacations and now I have managed to learn it very well.

  43. Martin Hörmann

    I am very excited to have acquired a product at such a low price and it is working properly and without any interruptions. That is why I will recommend you to other people around me so that they can purchase it in the same way and surely they will be equally grateful.

  44. Michael Liebau

    I bought Office 2019 PP, the delivery was extremely fast (just a few minutes) and the installation went smoothly. I had problems activating the license, but after contacting the technical support by email, I managed to activate it. I want to emphasize the quick resolution of the problem, and the technical quality of the help, the communication is clear, even if you have little computer knowledge.

  45. G. G.

    No problems, everything was as expected. Microsoft 2019 Pro.

  46. jean-marc vernaud

    This is the first time I ordered from DIGILICENSES and I became an excellent support by TEAMVIEWER:

  47. Jefferson Forbes

    fast delivery, gladly again

  48. Bodinus Engineering

    Got into a bit of a panic when I was making my purchase, i am very happy

  49. Sergio Boldrer

    This company is excellent. I would never otherwise have been able to get Office 2019 so cheaply. Thank you.

  50. Werner Bussohn

    Absolutely awesome customer support!

  51. Willi Kobbeloer

    Extremely happy with purchase

  52. TiTeCon GmbH

    This shop is great, you will became an extra discount coupon!

  53. Gabriela Michaeli

    The website is very easy to use. Installation was simple and well explained.

  54. Nancy Pietschmann

    Provided what they said they would promptly. I contacted them by email because I thought they had not sent the license code I purchased from them, but it was in my junk mail folder. CHECK YOUR JUNK FOLDER for the email. Will buy from them again.

  55. Carsten Arndt

    2nd time used service – very very fast, easy to use, good pricing. All round excellent.

  56. Sarah Schramm

    I initially had an issue with the download of the file and went straight to the Chat area, where Joe answered and assisted me throughout the process. I am feeling very secure about the Digilicenses Site and expect to do business with them in the future.

  57. Sherwin Castillo

    I ordered a key and it arrived very fast in my email inbox. The activation wnt super smooth.

  58. Adem Yasar

    We´re very satisfied with the results and excellent customer service! *****

  59. Denis Juschanin

    Great service 100% trusted. 100% recommended.

  60. Nikolas Jocham

    This program has helped me a lot in my university time and for my business cases I had to attend.

  61. Silas Schindler

    This Office 2019 PP software great. Delivery was without problems, became everything per mail in a few minutes, price really good.

  62. Lina Edler

    thanks to the support Appreciate his perseverance and the final outcome of the successful download at a reasonable price. Giving Paul and the company a 5star!

  63. Michalina Mikolajetz

    Was sent key pretty much immediately. I didn’t need them but they also included instructions on how to use the key which is nice. Would definitely recommend.

  64. Bernd Ludwig

    Although at the beginning I had some doubts about the quality, after receiving the license I found the opposite, so it is highly recommended. 

  65. Violetta Virag

     I definitely recommend to anyone!!!!

  66. Grit Jehmlich

    Amazing support. Fast and professional response 24/7. Highly recommended.

  67. Sophia Fisch

    Quick Delivery, Successful

  68. Rainer Kurz

    It has worked great.
    I am very satisfied I can only recommend it. 100!!

  69. Daniel Sondermann

    I always buy software from Digilicenses, prices are competitive, it is easy to buy and the service is good.

    I asked one of their support team members (Anne) for an invoice and got it within 5 minutes.

  70. Joachim Rückert

    I am super happy with this product, it was not difficult to install.

  71. Oankar Naphad

    Excellent! Support was fast!

  72. Clemens Voigt

    Necesitaba una descarga rápida para Microsoft Office y recibí un buen precio y servicio. ¡Gracias!

  73. Johannes Mellinghoff

    I am impressed with the speed in which you shipped my product.

  74. Dominik Denny

    Great experience, got key delivered instantly and activate it in few seconds, I will highly recommended them.

  75. Holger Wohland

    Honest and helpful.

  76. Stefan Neumer

    Ho avuto un problema con la chiave di Office acquistata 3 mesi dopo, ma non appena li ho contattati, mi hanno fornito molto rapidamente una nuova chiave che funzionava come previsto, un servizio molto buono!
    “Tech support was superb! They were very quick on replying with a very simple and quick solution to my question.

  77. Nathan Panzilius

    Good products, fast download and install as well as great product supports.

  78. Yilmaz Gülsever –

    Buy, install and you’re done! Always works!

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